Reduce Organisation Dependency on Cash

Offer a prepaid card to each contractor and employee at your business.
Reduce organisation drag resulting from dependency on Cash without creating a bank account.

Finly Prepaid Cards are accepted everywhere:

  •   Online
  •   InStore VISA/ MasterCard Merchants
  •   ATMs

Auto Expense

Add/ Remove Funds

Complete Control

Set Budget Restriction

Why Prepaid Cards?

Why Prepaid Cards?

Real time financial visibility

View transactions across your organization as they happen and have real time visibility into company spend.

Enhanced Spend Control

Gain control even before spend occurs by setting policies on the card

Expense Report Automation

Expenses are automatically reported by transacting using the Finly Expense Prepaid card.

Gain Insights by Analysing Spend

Make accurate and data-driven strategic decisions for your business by using Finly’s Analytics Dashboard.

Customer Success

Happiness is Customer Success

We are here to Empower your Business

We are here to Empower your Business

Manage your Risk

Let your employees not carry cash for Business Expenses. Control even before the spend occurs using the Prepaid Expense Card.

Empower your staff

Employees don’t want to turn to managers for assistance with every purchase. Empower their spending with our expense prepaid cards.

Simplify with our APIs

Our customizable APIs dramatically streamline and simplify the way you manage the money driving your operations.

How is Finly Different?

How is Finly Different?

Features Finly Corporate Credit Cards

Instant onboarding

Get started fast with no paperwork.

Automated expense reports

Say bye to spreadsheets

No Bank Account Required

Order and receive cards with just a few clicks.

Flexibility and Control

Limit and control cards individually.

Real-time Visiblity

See company spending as it happens.

Save time & money

Businesses that use Finly report an average of 25% savings on employee expenses.


Savings on employee expenses


Greater Policy Compliance


Faster Expense Reporting

Companies that have adopted Finly have achieved

  •  98% reduction in Paper Submissions

  •  0% Cash Leakage

  •  35% increase in Productivity

  •  68% Lesser Working Capital Requirement

  •  40% Greater Policy Compliance

  •   9X faster Expense Reporting