Time to get out of Spreadsheets and move into Automation!

Our expense management system is built keeping in mind the needs of the modern workforce.

Expense Report Automation Workflow

Why Expense Report Automation?

Why Expense Report Automation?

Outdated Processes and Technology should not hurt your business growth and let competitors gain advantage.


Forget the stacks of paper and skip the manual labor.
Simple, lightning-fast, cloud based mobile solution that is built on the latest technologies

Exepnse Report Automation Improved Fraud Control

Improved Fraud Control

Expense Report Automation And Better Expense Tracking

Better Expense Tracking

Expense Report Automation And Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

Expense Report Automation And Accounting Tools

Updated Account Tools

Expense Report Automation Streamline Workflow

Streamline workflow

Expense Report Automation Helps to Avoid Data Entry Error

Avoid Errors due to Data Entry

Customer Success

Happiness is Customer Success



Powerful features that help you Automate Expense Management Process

Expense Report Automation Card And Receipt Scanning

Card & Receipt Scanning

Expenses are automatically reported by transacting using a Prepaid VISA Expense Card or by Clicking a picture of the receipt.

Expense Report Automation And Fraud Alerts

Expense Rules & Alerts

Reduce Fraud, Minimise the potential for mistakes by configuring rules to automate the approval and rejection of Expenses.

Expense Report Automation And Real-Time Visibility

Report-Review in Real-Time

No more delayed submission of receipts by your employees and no more delayed reimbursements

Expense Report Automation And Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracking

Set up multiple mileage rates, and use Finly web or mobile app to add mileage expenses.

Expense Report Automation And Per Diem

Per Diem

No more guesswork while reporting expenses. Finly automates Per Diem reporting.

Expense Report Automation And Accounting Tools

Accounting & ERP Integration

Keep your accounting tool upto date by integrating our system with your accounting tool.

Save More Time & Money with Finly

Save More Time & Money with Finly

Don’t let your Employees carve out time from their already busy day. Save money by spending lesser time in reporting, reviewing and keeping track of Business Expenses.

Tasks to perform Manual Expense Reporting Finly

Creating Expense Report


Creating Expense Report

Employee Approving expense report


Verifying expense report


Total Time Taken

Average cost/expense report

Companies that have adopted Finly have achieved

  •  98% reduction in Paper Submissions

  •  0% Cash Leakage

  •  35% increase in Productivity

  •  68% Lesser Working Capital Requirement

  •  40% Greater Policy Compliance

  •   9X faster Expense Reporting