Control, Optimize &
Strategically Reduce
Business Spend

By Digitising Accounts Payable Process
with a Scalable AP Automation System

Designed for Finance Teams

Simplified Spend Management

Empower Finance Teams with:

  • Enforced budgetary control.
  • Automated fraud detection and prevention.
  • Transaction and Item level breakdowns.
  • Cost Saving Identifier.
  • Cash Flow forecasting
  • Centralised Invoice and Document Management

Solutions Built to Manage all Account Payables
& Finance Operations on a Unified Platform

The Vendor Suite
  • smart e procurement
    Smart E-Procurement
  • invoice to pay automation
    Invoice to Pay
    Automation System
  • vendor management
    Vendor Management
  • spend budgeting
    Spend Budgeting
The Expense Suite
  • employee expense management
    Employee Expense
    Management System
  • petty cash management
    Petty Cash
    Management System
  • expense analytics

Modules Designed to Automate
all Finance Use Cases

non po payments

"Finance teams are able to process invoices with ease from remote locations.."

Finance Head

automated gl parking

“No more data entry & reconciliation efforts. There is an electronic trail of all activities byvarious stakeholders.”

Santosh Veer,
Head of Finance

petty cash

"Our employees, manager & finance team used to spend a lot of time in handling tracking of business expenses. With Finly we have been able to reduce the effort spent and now the accounting treatment is also done perfectly. The team is very friendly and what I like about them is the support they provide. Always responsive to any queries”

Ishan Raj,
Operations Head

utility payment

“Extremely flexible product in terms of enforcing business policies and processing utility bills across all our offices. With a single click we are able to clear electricity, water, mobile bills etc across the organisation”

Tahir Zafar,
AP Head

purchase requisition

"With Finly our AP team has complete visibility into all payables across all our 6 business entities. This helps us understand the upcoming payables & simplifies collaboration among multiple teams. Modules like agreement based system has streamlined all our payouts to Vendors & manage vendors across our constantly growing 20 locations. Most of all the software is simple, intuitive & easy to use."

Manjunatha Gowda,
AP Head

accounts payable

Built for Scale

By Finance, Technology & Compliance Experts

multi level approval
Gain additional oversight of report approval by setting up custom approval-flows that fit your company’s structure.
budget allocation insights
Budget Allocation
& Insights
Monitor Spend against preset budgets. Split & allocate costs to match your financial structure. Gain visibility on Business Spend.
payment automation
Split payments, make vendor payouts, manage marketplace money flow and much more through powerful APIs. Auto-expense from Prepaid Cards, Bank Payments & with just a click of a picture.
three way matching
Automated matching of advances, expenses & settlements. Automated matching of invoices, packing slips & purchase orders.
accounts payable
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Integrations to Help
Scale your Business

Our unique tool allows you to integrate with all your
business systems, enabling all your transactions to be
updated across systems.

accounts payable
accounts payable

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