We help Organisations run more efficiently

Automate T&E and drive Savings by adopting mobile & cloud based technologies.



No Cash Advances

No Paper Receipts or Spreadsheets

End-to-End T&E Integration

Real-Time Visibility & Control

  • Automatically Capture Expenses
  • Remove the Paper & Excel From Expense Reporting
  • Faster Reimbursement
  • Faster Reporting & Reviewing
  • No hassle of faded or misplaced receipts
  • Complete Visibility into Travel Expenses
  • Tighter Control over Travel Spends with Limits & Policies
  • Up To Date Accounting Tool
  • No Errors while entering Data

Customer Success

Happiness is Customer Success


Benefits for the Organisation

See what’s costing you money. Identify saving opportunities

  • Automated workflow and approval
  • Complete Audit Trail of expenses
  • Provides the management information for negotiation with Suppliers
  • Boosts traveller compliance with Policies set by organisation
  • Reduces time taken for business travellers to complete expense claims
  • Quick reimbursements ensures Employee Satisfaction
  • Easy, one-click approval for line managers

Companies that have adopted Finly have achieved

  •  98% reduction in Paper Submissions

  •  0% Cash Leakage

  •  35% increase in Productivity

  •  68% Lesser Working Capital Requirement

  •  40% Greater Policy Compliance

  •   9X faster Expense Reporting