Expense Reporting Made Simple for Startups

Automate expense reporting and focus on scaling your startup while having complete visibility into your expenses.

Why Finly your Expense?

Why Finly your Expense?

We scale with you

With features like corporate card reconciliation, to integrations with ERP systems, companies of all sizes depend on Finly for automated expenses.

We run as fast as you

Finly’s Expense Card and Mobile Application can help Employees quickly report their Expenses.

Increase your productivity

Focus on your clients and improve productivity by not spending time on tracking & controlling expenses.

Get complete Visibility

Finly’s Analytics Dashboard gives you visibility into where and how much is being spent.

Activity-based pricing

We make it affordable by paying only for what you use without any long term commitments.

Free Accountant Access

Invite collaborators within and outside of your organisation for no additional charge. Pay only for users that submit an expense that month.

Payment Platform for Startups

Payment Platform for Startups

Technology startups are disruptive because they are driven by a desire to solve an unsolved problem in a unique way and create new value. We help businesses understand cash flow better by providing them with simple and accessible tools to optimise that flow. Finly platform can be used to power any business payment application and create a seamless payment experience for your users.

Finly APIs are organized into seven groups:

 CORE BUSINESS: All functions related to managing your company set up on the Finly platform.

 TRANSACTIONS:  All functions related to working with service and account details.

 CARD:  All functions related to managing a card.

 BULK:  All functions relating to performing maintenance on multiple cards.

 GROUP:   All functions related to creating, assigning and removing cardholders from groups.

 NOTE:   All functions related to adding, changing or removing notes from a transaction.

 TOKEN:   All functions related to managing the tokens that are required for API access.

Customer Success

Happiness is Customer Success

Companies that have adopted Finly have achieved

  •  98% reduction in Paper Submissions

  •  0% Cash Leakage

  •  35% increase in Productivity

  •  68% Lesser Working Capital Requirement

  •  40% Greater Policy Compliance

  •   9X faster Expense Reporting